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Energy and Natural Resources

We provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of renewable energy, oil & gas, refining, power and utilities, carbon emissions, alternative energy. We offer to our clients exceptionally detailed industry knowledge and a global network, alongside local market delivery.

Renewable energy

Few industries impact global economic livelihood, societal functioning, and quality of life as significantly as the energy industry. A number of important factors are again leading many inside and outside the energy industry to embrace renewable energy as a solution. Renewable energy sources are making inroads in our national energy mix and that progress is likely to continue. It is not a matter of whether the renewable energy market will grow, it is how fast and by how much.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas practice helps energy clients address critical challenges and execute initiatives designed to further their strategic objectives, delivering value for their investors.

Power and utilities

The dynamics of global energy demand, supply and infrastructure dependencies have undergone more change in recent years. We provide insights and services to help power and utilities companies navigate the challenges and opportunities in today's environment.